Naming Inconsistencies

I wasn’t sure which category this would fit in since it’s not really a bug, so this is a suggestion to make the names of each area more consistent. Many parts of the game are referred to with multiple different names, which might be confusing for new players to find their way around the many things the game has to offer.

Here’s a list of all the things I’ve been able to find which are referred to with multiple names, as well as each name they’re called and where they’re called that.

Game World Ports
The Game World Ports is referred to as both that, and “Matchmaking”. The sign outside the building also just says “GAMES”, rather than “GAME WORLDS” or something similar.

  • Game World Ports

    • Unit HUD
    • Main Menu, in the Matchmaking tab’s description

    • The sign on the Game World Ports building
  • Matchmaking

    • Main menu, where you join the Game World Ports server
    • The teleporter to the server in the Game World Ports

Plaza Minigames
These are called either “minigames” or “events”. I think these should just be called minigames, to differentiate them from smaller non-game events that happen like Treasure From Sea.

  • Minigames

    • Minigame arena
    • The bottom right join pop-up
  • Events

    • The teleporters that pop up around the Plaza
    • The character that announces the minigames is called Event Catsack
    • The chat announcements for the games start with “EVENT:”

Minigame Arena

The minigame arena has a few different names. I think Minigame Arena sounds cool though, and also that name is already modeled as the sign for it, so that should probably be its name.

  • Minigame Arena

    • The cool metal signs around the pool/nature trail area
    • The fast travel maps (actually called Minigames Arena there but close enough)
  • Minigame Pad

    • The wood signs around the Plaza
    • Chat messages
  • Minigame Area

    • The Unit HUD
  • Arena

    • Event Catsack

This one is very minor compared to other naming inconsistencies, but it is still referred to as the Lobby in the day/night setting, despite it not using that name since GMod Tower.

Yes this is all very valid. I can start fixing these issues up.