Name for "Bogey +-5" in Minigolf

So, in GMod Tower, if you manage to get 5 under par in Minigolf, you get a “Bogey ±5” (oh, and no GMC, but that’s beyond the point).

I looked it up and although there is no official term for 5 below par, people tend to call it a “Double Condor”. -6 would be a “Triple Condor”, etc.

Alternatively, you could just call it “Par -5”, “Par -6”, and so on.

Edit: It turns out people also use the term “Ostrich” for a Par -5.
Edit 2: I also found one instance of a Par -6 being called a “Phoenix”. I’m not sure about this one since it’s never happened.


Phoenix? Where? :open_mouth:

I’ve only played minigolf once, so I have no idea. ;-;

It’s a term people use for “mythical” golf scores, since no one has ever gotten them.

I hate that one time when you hit the golf ball and it stops right next to the hole, literally a micrometre away.

Would that make Par -7 a Unicorn?

Not sure if you noticed, but the under par terms are based on birds.

@cold_finger What aboot a pegasus?

Ostrich and Phoenix are the two that I found. I don’t think you’d ever get anything past that, seeing as a Phoenix is Par -6, requiring you to finish a Par 8 in 2 strokes.

Never heard that as a golf term.
Unless, you mean as a suggestion.
Still not a bird tho.

After six you should start naming them after things in the game, maybe after devs or the chimera. Maybe the infected in virus can have a name other than infected and you could use that.

Triple Bogey +3
Double Bogey +2
Bogey +1
Par ±0
Birdie -1
Eagle -2
Albatross -3
Condor -4
Ostrich -5
Phoenix -6
Dragon (since the Chimera won’t be a Chimera anymore in TU) -7
Sunabouzu -8
Mac -9

I severely doubt we’ll ever get anything lower than -9 just because we don’t even have any par 10 holes yet. IF anyone manages to get a Mac (which, would be a hole in 0 on a par 9 by the way…), I’ll personally make a trophy in Maya and beg the devs to add it.

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Yes. Exactly. I would love that, and it would be pretty funny for someone to say " DAMMIT I GOT A SUNABOUZU!"

And if you get 3 hole-in-ones in a row it’s called a turkey!

Wait, no… Wrong sport…

@PikaUCH Lol the worst is Mac

…Actually Mac is the Best. It’s golf. Lower is better. Mac means you make a Hole in one on a Par 10. So on a hole that should take 10 shots, you got it in 1 shot.

Was that bump really needed -_-

@tippboyy Sorry, not thinking straight, still not buying a mac tho

He meant MacDGuy(the developer) not a Mac(the computer), anyways Mac is the best, golf scores are inverted.

Here’s the official list, had to bump this ancient thread of course.

Certainly looks much better than “Bogey ±5”!