My very small rant about not playing GMT

I remember going on Gmod and trying to play Gmod Tower. The download was talking too long so I shut it down. If I let it download more I whould probably fall in love and get VIP and back tower. Kinda upsetting when I think about it.

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I played GMT for 4 years and never donated to it, you’re all good lmao

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GMT was fun, but you shouldn’t regret having not played it. Your time was merely invested elsewhere; it wasn’t lost. Just be glad you’re here now!

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GMT was a pain in the ass to install. I am very happy that TU, for the most part, is a lot easier.


You may have missed your chance to play Gmod Tower.
Although there are still people playing that played back then that have stories about the stuff that has happened.
I got a boatload if you wanna hear em.