My Tower Unite Condo!

Here is a short video showing what I have so far for my condo!! ;D

Any suggestions for things I can change or add? Any questions?


9/10 Needs more neon


Why is everyone so obsessed with neon lights?

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Neat Pete :new_moon_with_face:

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Thanks Hanks

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At least I have those rainbow stairs :wink:

“Too many foxes.”

Ha, just kidding. Your condo is looking good far.

There can never be too many foxes… Foxes are my life…

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Nice. Feels a little empty! Maybe some Canvases to spice things up?

Also, I moved this to Condo Showcases. I was really on the edge on this one.
But, the video is just a platform with which to showcase the condo, and the video servers no purpose other than to show the condo off. So I moved it.

Nice condo.

It looks nice, I like it.:grinning:

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Because it’s fuckin lit

I can confirm.

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I’m working on it! :wink:

Thx you :wink:

Thank you :wink: