My Thoughts and Complaints about LC


After playing LC to get the knight milestone, I thought I should put my complaints here (since there’s a million suggestions already).

First, I’ll talk about the source movement. I don’t like it in LC and I don’t really get why it was added. I understand the devs want to make it feel more like UCH in Gmod Tower, but I don’t remember bhoppers existing in UCH at all. Assuming the movement in UCH remastered is the same as in GMT’s UCH, you could barely bhop at all. In LC, you can go extremely fast by bhopping (especially using macros or scroll wheel to jump), and you can very easily reach the dragon’s button by strafing.

EDIT: From the TU discord earlier today (3/15/19):

EDIT 2: BHopping’s removed from LC in, so this part doesn’t really matter anymore.

Now, here’s my complaints about the knights. Crouch jumping over the dragon feels a bit too powerful and too easy. It felt a lot harder to crouch jump in UCH, but now it feels really easy to jump over. I also hate the knights’ source movement, but I’ve talked about that already.

Finally, here’s what I don’t like about the dragon. The movement feels a little, weird sometimes? Sometimes I jump while sprinting but it doesn’t keep my momentum. Besides that, it’s okay I guess.

I also think the dragon’s button hitbox is a bit too large and can be very wonky at times. The knights can very easily press the dragon’s button from the sides. I’ve even pressed the button from directly in front of the dragon more than once before, no idea how that happened. There’s also been a few times where I’ve pressed the button despite not hearing a click and not seeing the crosshair turn white.

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean. I don’t think you should be able to press E right next to the head and still be able to turn off the dragon.

I also wish the dragon’s tail whip could hit any knight on the dragon’s back or head and increase the vertical range, since it’s very easy to dodge the tail whip by simply jumping as a knight or standing in the front of the dragon’s back.

I also feel like the bite could be buffed a bit. I think it’d be helpful if the dragon had more verticality to its bite, to counter crouch jumping knights.

EDIT 2: More vertically on the bite’s added in, so this bit doesn’t matter now.

EDIT 3: I thought I should make another section for the changes in

The dragon feels a lot harder to kill now, which is a good thing. The knights typically have to group up to try and trick the dragon to get to the button, which adds some teamwork to the game.

The new bite hitbox feels really good, to me at least. It makes it easier to kill knights, while still giving them a chance to dodge the bites. Also, this wasn’t listed in the patch notes but crushing knights feels easier to do, not sure though. I’m not sure about this, but I feel like I lose my momentum when flying a lot more often, which sucks when I try to fly over to another area, because I’ll just fall to the floor and a knight will probably get me.

I suck at knight now. This is probably a good thing though, considering my strategy was either strafing around the dragon to reach the back or crouch jumping over it and jumping a lot. The knights’ movement does feel a little weird (due to the no air accel. I’m assuming), but I’ll take it over bhopping everywhere for sure.

I think this mode feels more like UCH than it has in a while, if not ever. The only things this game’s missing at this point is all of the old maps from GMT and the pigmasks and chimera (workshop upgrades maybe?). I also noticed a few bad habits I had from UCH (like putting “HBGibeiubgi” in chat whenever I died as chimera) coming back, which could be a good or bad thing I guess.

Overall, I think this mode’s a lot better now than it was before The mode feels fair now, and it’s probably my favorite. I just wish there were more maps, though.

This is what I feel about LC right now. Hopefully I didn’t sound too overly aggressive, and if I forget anything I’ll probably edit this post.


im just going to mention here that the dragons button hitbox goes all the way to the start of the tail. i tested the hitboxes with amgona a day ago and even if your crosshair isnt highlighted, theres still an area around the button that the “button press prediction” allows you to press the button from, even if the dragon is completely still and your crosshair isnt highlighted


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I agree with everything, especially the verticality on the dragons bite. Ive seen people survive the dragons bite while in their mouth just because they jumped :s