My Swood Suite!


I’ve recently renovated my suite! Take a gander here, and tell me what ya think!



You seem like a real swood dude


Nice use of items, also where did you get the recording studio foam thinggys? (Ik its a canvas, i want the image)


this is very clever, i love the use of the stacked bookshelf rings


So much wood. So flammable!


They’re an item in Songbirds

  • Acoustic Diffuser Panel Plastic
  • Acoustic Diffuser Panel Wood
  • Acoustic Foam Panel Spike
  • Acoustic Foam Panel Wedge


This suite would have been a 10/10 if you didn’t have a body pillow on your bed.



Listen here, I have every right to cuddle with my waifu. I am entitled as a white, uncultured american male to be as much of a weeb as possible. Don’t make me tumblrshame you.



Did you make all those posters in SFM yourself?


Yes, though they’re gmod, not sfm.


The room with the plastic bins is lacking