My suite!

Finished a good bit of my The Long Dark themed suite! Take a look!

I used a wall texture from the game as the canvas images. Simply putting the image on the regular walls made it come out as pitch black unless you had a flashlight on.

First thing to see in my place is my GMT rewards.

With this bathroom shrine.

**The kitchen has been turned into a pseudo-bar, in which the only drinks are soda and alcohol. Mostly alcohol. **

Now for a map of the game world in The Long Dark along with some goodies and MY SAFE WHICH NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED INTO.

Living room with a concept of The Long Dark hanging above it

The upstairs is ready for a party, but the only one who shows up all the time is Cool Crab.

Now the outside is covered in snow, I used the scaler tool to make the snow small enough to look like it just was piling on the deck.

And inside the small hut is a small fire burner (though it hard to tell.)

Now I just need to fill the closet with stuff and make the secret room into something. Any suggestions?



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Oh wow. That’s awesome. The Long Dark is so good.


I’m a big fan of the snow area, and the wallpapers and just overall atmosphere, it’s really nice!


DUDE, I love the snow area!! :heart_eyes:

I’m a sucker for winter environments. I’ve been wanting the ability to change the ground texture to be snowy or covered in leaves instead of grass for a long time. This is a clever way of doing it for now, though!


Good colors, cozy dim lighting, simply clean decoration. The backyard is really great, I like how you did the roofing on the shed. Overall good job!

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Updated some things about the condo (and need some input for a certain place that I’ll mention.) I didn’t include some places because they haven’t been changed at all.

So, this is the bathroom. Made it into a spare bedroom of sorts for 4 people. I took heavy inspiration from a scene from The Thing were most of the people in the base are just kinda hanging out and they have a shot of two of them watching old shows on an old TV.

This is the Storage room, has a bunch of boxes that were “mailed” from GMT when we were all told to put the items we wanted to bring from GMT to Tower Unite into the moving box in our condos. Did anyone even get their items?

So, I took some of my favorite items (both from GMT and Tower Unite) and put them into this room, wanted it cramp in here so you could really only look at it and not go right up to everything.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/8/f/8f40137dafd6e2a2cb0e2e0f0aaf9ebe83ed038a.jpg" width="690"height=“388”>

This is just my area for showing off all my GMT rewards, wasn’t a donor before the Indiegogo, but I still am glad I donated after it just so I could say I did. Very proud of this area.

Backyard received a massive update with the trees having been added months ago, looks wonderful in the morning and night now!

With of course the outside being updated, I decided to update the cabin a lot! When that original photo of the backyard was taken, I never even bothered to decorate it! This is meant to be some kinda guest house or camp lodge. It was originally meant to be a fishing hut based on the ones from The Long Dark (hence the oven looking like that), but I felt it was so comfy that I just needed to make it someplace for someone.

Now this is the area I need massive amount of help with, mostly in the middle and the left side from the painting to the bed. Along with that TV area. Suggestions welcome!


That’s pretty cool. I like how simple and clean the outcome looks, but how complex the work actually was

New update to the Condo!

Finally settled on a nice look for my upper room, granted, its mostly workshop models.

Storage Closet has a bunch of riches and junk in it. Even some GMT boxes! those don’t really exist

Finalized the look for the small outdoor cabin, I think it looks comfy.

Now, outside the condo I’ve set up a bunch of teleporters around to get to different outdoor areas. This is the Crumbling Highway, you can probably tell why its called that. Around a corner is a small campsite with another teleporter leading to…

The Mountain Pass, it starts with a frozen pond that you walk a bridge over.

Then it leads to a makeshift campsite with a collapsed fire watch tower nearby! It collapsed due to the harsh weather. Except it leads somewhere a bit more… Ominous

This is The Portal, the reason for all this snow, thus the harsh weather nearby the tower. Something must have come out of it seeing as how that guy is dead! The portal currently leads back to the entrance of the condo.