My Steam review and concerns


I’m also really surprised that the person who made these:
Is talking so much shit at all
I’m not sure if they should be making criticism that’s malicious in nature.
Also they say they graduated high school in 2002, which sounds like a blatant lie, but if not, how are you acting like a high schooler 15 years afterwards


After reading his Bio on his Steam Profile. I’m really not surprised at the way he acts.

This will never get old, like ever

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That makes his comments about knowing better than the devs alot more hilarious, you can tell he/she has some sort of jealously problem with the game and is insulted that they basically are not a developer. They complain about their word not being taken as the word of god and followed to a T and even threatens the developers unless they follow their demands, it’s a kid who desperately wants power because they have none in real life and a desire for it online where they feel they have it.

Jesus Christ

It’s Jason Bourne


Ever heard of the sentence “Don’t feed the trolls”?


Me @ this thread


Bringing shame to my furry kind
Have we not been through enough?
( also his bio, “obsessed with cuteness” lmao )


As funny as this is I feel like we should move on and probably not bully the dude. He’s obviously got some big issues he should definitely go seek professional help for but lets try not to overdo the joking. I don’t want another Sonichu situation…


Okay this thread has very much run its course. Thank you everyone for contributing, but lets not go on a witch hunt please.