My private admin cabin

I noticed a while ago that the mountains in the background were not walkable, but were however solid to props.

So this got me the idea to build a very private cabin, that nobody can go to!

Here’s a view to have a better look at the distance between the cabin and the condo area.

Yep, nobody can go in!
Nobody … …

Unless someone finds the secret 6 notes melody on the Piano of Wonders… :wink:


That’s pretty cool! Nice job you did there!

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This is awesome. I really like the design too.
Nice work!

Hahah, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who knew about this. :smiley:

I kinda hope the devs don’t fix it, because you can do some pretty fun stuff with it.

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Yea but I want people to use the Piano of Wonders :persevere: !

This is amazing.

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i found it too - u -

also this looks so good :smile:

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What sucks about building out there is that none of it gets networked to people who join your condo. It’s like it never exists .

Cool nevertheless!

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Well, normal players aren’t supposed to really get there anyways (unless you manage to crack the code on that magical piano), so that doesn’t really matter.

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Wait, what code for piano? this is the first time of hearing anything about such thing.

Even if players can’t get there normally, shouldn’t mean people can’t noclip and build neat stuff there for others to see!

That’s what I mean. This is how you can get there.

Once someone has found and played the melody, I move the piano to the cabin while the player is still seated on it.

Oh gotcha.

Also, to add to what he said, if you read the old version of his post, he mentions that there’s a hole in the ocean that leads out of the boundaries.

i hope this never gets patched

I’m sure it will eventually, but yeah, one can hope.

I’ve removed that part because I realized it was no more possible to go out of the boundaries via that hole.

Now, going below the map results in a respawn at the condo entrance door.

So, it really is my personal space nobody can go to :slight_smile:

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But I thought you can drag objects through the wall using noclip?

Yup, I can!
Nobody can come on their own will.
One can only go there only if I want to! :slight_smile:

I feel the sudden need to make a mountain side Dojo