My new condo (updated)

Hi guys.
So, I updated my condo a lot, and I think the state it looks now could be the final stage before I make the ultimate showcase.
#Ok. Are you ready?

Here is my condo with terrible graphics and recorded with Bandicam… I don’t have a lot of money. Please don’t hate. Hey, at least the devs made this an option to make the game playable. Thank god I can at least play the game.
#Donate your extra PC parts to me please:
don’t really


you should have just used screenshots, that way it doesn’t matter what your fps is. Looks pretty good though, might have to come check it out in person

Yeah, you’re right, I should have used screenshots. I had to make this quick, so maybe I’ll update this when I have more time later.

The text that says “” is in a higher resolution then the actual game XD

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If you’d like, I can demo your condo for you at max settings. Additionally, if you’d like, I can remake some of those signs.