My model is broken

My model is broken in this way:

I did the following:
Import Tower Skeleton -> Import model -> Scale it up to match-> Separate the meshes from model -> Select the meshes and parent them with ‘Automatic weights’ to the Tower Unite Skeleton.

Of course, I expect anything but a ‘perfect’ model from such a hasty job, but I thought this would be enough to have a very buggy, but at least somewhat presentable model, but instead I got a massive mess of spaghetti as you can see in the pic. Any clues? Thanks.

EDIT: By selecting the meshes, using CTRL + A, and enabling Weight & Scale I was able to get the model to resemble something of a human, but it stills looks really messed up:

The eyeliner… the hair… the face… the eyes… Everything looks really screwed.

Are you using the beta with the new 4.20 engine?

the right shoulder being crunched is your shoulder twist got some weight paint on it when you did your automatic weighting, all you have to do is either delete the twists because they arnt even used in game to my knowledge or set the weight for that shoulder twist back to 0.

for whatever else is happinging with the black bits i cant really help you.

If you mean Tower Unite beta then I am opted into nothing like that, no.

Ok, I thought it may of been a bug with the new 4.20 engine beta.