My hard drive is dead


no more previous bone zone recordings on my youtube channel


my hard drive died and then came back to life, and yours might too.

hold out a little bit of hope. maybe shake it around a little bit

(not too hard, you don’t want to break it further)

keep powering your PC on and off if it’s a SATA drive, or just unplug it and plug it back in if it’s a USB drive.

try different SATA / USB ports while you try.

my hard drive came back to life after a month.

just keep trying intermittently and hope that it works.


all your data is gone? hard drives aren’t enough, you need protogent antivirus

warning: this video is LOUD as heck


my hard drive is in barrie (far away from my home) and i can’t convinced my dad to get it back because he said my hard drive’s disk is COMPLETELY BROKEN from one drop and there is nothing i can do about it.

UPDATE: if my dad brings my broken hard drive to me i will follow your advices, its not going to work but i’ll try.

P.S. how did your hard drive came back to life after a month? isn’t your hard disk broken or something like that?


Such a shame, If it was fixed then I would’ve liked to see what happened on The Bone Zone from your point of view.

Sorry to hear that.


hard drives are finicky.

sometimes they just quit, and it could come back

sometimes they just need a new board on them.

HDDs are odd things.


I would not recommend shaking the hard drive since based on what the cause of the problem is doing so could cause more damage to the drive.

Try to check what exactly the hard drive does when you boot it up, if it makes a few noises such as scrapes, clicks or beeps.

if it scrapes, the drive itself is running while the read/write head within the hard drive is stuck to the disk, can easily be fixed by taking of the lid and CAREFULLY moving the read/write head off the plates.

If it’s beeping and clicking it’s something with mechanical parts inside the hard drive, such as the rotor spindle suffering a seizure (no seriously that is what it’s refered to)

If the drive has any kind of warranty and is still covered by it id recommend taking it to be fixed, if not get ready to do a little bit of DYI fixing.
If you decide to the DYI fix id urge you to do some extensive googling on how to fix these problems before starting so that you know what exactly to do, and since messing up a step could cause more damage to the parts in the hard drive.

Then when the damage has been fixed either by you or some other person your first cause of action should be to plug the hard drive into another computer and then backup every single file you wanna save from the broken hard drive


@Heavysteam to be fair i already send it to someone a month ago and he says the disk platter is broken in pieces (example, this is not mine btw) and i don’t think there is other ways to fix it.


oof, if the disk platter is broken, there’s no fixing that.

from this point forward if you want your data back, you can send it to a data recovery company and they’ll salvage as much as they can from it, but if it’s shattered, there’s probably not much you can do for it.


thank you all for trying and explaining that there is no other way, im going to premiere my sad story tonight at 8PM EST
check it out: