My god, new update is great! Also a few questions

Holy cow, new update is something! If previously I had around 80 fps in plaza (sometimes lower), now, after we have new engine, I guess, I have solid 100, and even higher, around 120!

The only suspicious moment is new strange shadows, is it normal? Like the hands and head are always in shadows

Edit: Also, why when I am starting my condo or game, the fps is limited to 60, with text “Hard limited to 60 due to server hosting”?


The fps is being limited to 60 because it is your computer that is working as the host of the session for your condo/gamemode.

As for the limit itself and why it was made:

As for the shadow thingy, not sure why it’s happening, try changing the shadow settings and see if it does anything.


Well, ok. But is there any small chance that it will be solved in the future? Everyting is on ultra setting, activating extra good shaders (for dx11) changes nothing.

I’m assuming this shadow bug is one of the known issues, it will get fixed.

Ok, thanks a lot!

And have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Just a note, the previously mentioned shadow problem, while affecting all models, is WAY worse on player models that have toonshading enabled, which is probably at least half the models I imported (that gray fox being one of them!), so I really hope they iron this one out.

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