My Fuse Playermodels

I was board one day and decided to make playermodels that would be cool in Tower Unite, what do you think?! :smiley:



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Human playermodels are kind of unnecessary now since we’ll have a default character we can customize. The outfits are nice though, if I were you I’d separate them and release them on their own. That way someone isn’t pigeonholed into just one model if they wanna play as a cop.

If you really want to make playermodels, which you totally should, you should make some more “species”. Like a robot or the much requested furry.

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I will make a zombie, thx for the tip :smiley:

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May I ask what FUSE is like? As in its complexity of making models?

You could make some different kind of zombies and see if the Dev could use them for zombi-massacre :3 or decayed/fleshy/mutated yet light skeletons for Virus, You are really good at making models so why not trying to invest into the game this way :3

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It’s on steam, you can watch the trailer if you would like:

I’ve just read that Adobe bought it and now you have to pay to use the software… i would use it but I’m scared now