My Furry Online Update Prediction

(My game is still not funded)

I’m going to predict my updates after the Early Access launch, starting with the Canines, Felines, Mythical creatures, and the species.

However, during the Early Access launch, I will add new species group/types or special events every monthly updates.

  • 1st update: The King of the Jungle update, which adds Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Panther, Lynx, Cougar, Jaguar, etc.

  • 2nd update: The Mythical update adds the Gryphon, Sergal, Phoenix, Jackalope, Kaiju, Cerebus, Kobold, Gargoyle and the Wolpertinger.

  • 3rd update: The Rodents update adds Rat, Bat, Mous, Weasel, Possum, Meerkat, Marten, Stoat, Wolverine, Hamster, Hedgehog, Mongoose, Badger and the Chinchilla.

  • 4th update: The Reptile update adds Snake, Alligator, and Crocodile.

  • 5th update: The Avian update adds Raven, Owl, Crow, Penguin, Eagle and the Bluejay.

  • 6th update: The Bearin’ update adds non-specified bears, Panda, Polar and others.

  • 7th updates: The Aquatic update adds sharks, orca and dolphins.

  • 8th updates: The marsupial updates includes kangaroos and thylacine.

  • 9th updates: The Jurassic update (literally) adds velociraptors, tyrannosaur and others.

  • The 10th update was the Licensed update which includes Yoshies, Koopas, Kongs, Kremlings, Bandicoots, Pokémons (all were includes popular bipedals), Digimons, Lombaxes, Ottsels, Spyros and Ponies. But we have to get the legal rights to the characters before we do so.

For the special events are Halloween and Christmas, nothing special.

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