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Hai guys!

So i`m creating polish support for Tower Unite.

Soon we`ll advertise on Youtube. As you can see on GMod Tower there are many Polish players. Now i want to show them that TU is a great game.

What we can change on our forums? Do you like it?


Great idea. That kind of support is what the developers need for their campaign. I would like to help, but I don’t speak Polish x)

Still sucks that I couldn’t take your offer of helping you with the site because of the fact that I don’t speak Polish, I’d really love doing that :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

I dunno how it looks in different browsers, but in Chrome, the font you chose for the forum has a bit of trouble displaying the Polish character set with a consistent character width. Here’s what I mean:

I am also on chrome, and it looks fine on my end.

I post there translated news:ż-40-tysięcy

Nobody writes anything, but we have many visitors ._.

Well you also have to realize that creating a site purely for Polish Speakers will get dramatically less traffic then one in English.

Bump. We have finally moved to Discourse and made forum looking a little bit different from this one. . We had to make clean install so we don`t have any users :<.

I just realized, that “Category” in Polish is spelled exactly the same as in German? Wow, learning things like these is always exciting. Kinda useless post I’m sorry, but why not mention some cool fact?

“Kategorie” is plurar form. “Kategoria” is singluar form.

Deutsch is the worst thing on the Earth ;_;.