My first workshop model for Tower Unite!

I’ve been doing a lot of modeling lately. I decided that I want to make items for Tower Unite when the workshop hits. Here is my first creation! It’s not finished yet, though. What do you guys think?


Reminds me of the Nes Zapper from PvP lol! Looks good though!

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It looks good. I hope it makes its way to Tower Unite. :relaxed:

looks really nice! I just wish I knew how to use 3ds max so I could make workshop items too

It’s actually really simple once you get the hang of it. If you’re familiar with Source Filmmaker, it’ll be kind of easy to get into 3DS max. Most of the short-cut keys are the same (like moving, rotating, etc.). If you don’t have 3DS max, you can get the student version from their website. (it’s a pain to install, though. you have to keep their website open for some reason, or else the installer will fail.)

Updated model:


Really nice progress. I like your style

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That looks really cool, nice work @arctiq. Though when I look at it, I get the feeling it would shoot bubbles and I don’t know why.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. It has that rounded look to it.

It also kind of looks like a hot glue gun too…

Edit: You just gave me a fantastic idea when I put it in-game…

Neat! Have you attempted to export it into Unreal Engine 4 and play with it in a game environment?

Sadly, I have not. I still have yet to make the side faces of the gun into quads. Tesselating isn’t working well for me for some reason.

Edit: I still also need to unwrap the model. Which will be sooo much fun!..

Yes. This is what we need. Splatoon in Tower Unite.
Heh, kidding.
Anyway, nice model!
What will this be for, and what will it do?

It’s a water gun. Self-explanatory. But I’m thinking of adding a ‘rate-of-fire’ switch to change from a stream of water, to water bursts, to bubbles!

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Looking pretty nice. Might want to reduce the polygons on the plunger-thing behind the trigger though, since it’s not really going to be visible and it’s fairly high-poly.

Which object are you talking about? The pink one?

The purple part in this.

Oh, that’s only a cylinder though. I’m not sure I can reduce the polygons.

Blender works Well too.
(although its a bit harder to model)

It’s pretty dang good.