My first set of hours working with Unreal Engine

I was inspired by the amazing work indie developers, incl. The owners of pixeltail games. To start using Unreal Engine, and try to create my own game. So I decided to pick up UE4 Since it was free.
And my first 6 hours from watching a few videos. I ended up with this.

Not bad, but anyone could do this with some practice.


I will say, the Unreal Engine 4 tutorials from the Unreal Engine team on YouTube are pretty helpful. Seems like your getting the hang of it!

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Yeah, I am. It’s going well too. I Enjoy using UE4, and I encourage anyone hoping to create even one game. To pick up a copy of UE4 & Watch a few 15-25 minute tutorials. And within the first few hours. You should get a basic idea of what to do.

Trust me, it helps. :stuck_out_tongue: Lol

I noticed you ran across a ledge, have you implemented jumping yet?

Yeah, I added jumping day after I uploaded this.
Going to work on double jump. And maybe try
grabbing edges of things sometime soon.

This is really neat! I currently got learning Unreal Engine 4 in the TODO list, however, right now I am focusing more on 3D. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am with Caboose and also recommend the Unreal Tutorial Videos for those who want to get started.

Did you do all of this with Blueprints? Or did you use any code?

I didn’t use any code yet. I’m very new to C++. All of this was done in blueprints.
I’m going to try learn C++ at the end of the month. Just working up with BluePrints right now.