My Condo

I’ve worked on this condo for a while now, and (while still being in WIP) I think it’s pretty good. (sorry if it looks like clay my pc is tresh)

Main Room:


Basement (TV Room)

Master Bedroom (Although it’s only a computer room)

The actual Bedroom

Party Room

and the Rooftop Gardens (very unfinished, need to play a few bowling games to gain back the money and continue working)

Tell me what you think!


Is this what you have done with your condo?
That is, without a doubt, the absolute BEST CONDO I’VE EVER SEEN!

Clean and simple, i like it.

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No offence, but it seems rather average and empty.


Just kidding, please don’t

It’s nowhere near finished, and it’s gonna be a LOT better than what it currently is

Thanks! If you have a powerful pc which can run TU in high quality it looks even better

Alright. I was just giving my opinion on what you had shown us.