My comprehensive condo feature wishlist (thread?)

There’s a lot on here and I’m absolutely sure a lot of this has been suggested before, but I figured I’d throw together a comprehensive list of all of the things I want in condos. Some of these are things I wish I could have, some of them are things I think condos absolutely need. I spend a lot of time building in my condo and I’ve run into many roadblocks because of the lack of some of these features.

  • Item grouping/duping
  • More copycat settings (only rotation, only texture, only scale etc)
  • Positioner tool (ex: set to move object +1000 on the Y coordinate)
  • Collision tool (remove collisions of object)
  • Link URL textures to world
  • Texture rotation
  • More canvas primitives
  • Sun intensity setting
  • Teleporter direction setting
  • More sound emitters (.ogg files, youtube URLs?)
  • Spawn point item
  • Option to set different textures for each face of a canvas wall
  • Projector code language for point lights (set custom brightness/colors at different timings. this one is a wish, I doubt it’ll happen)

Feel free to add anything in the replies.

I just wish the default textures on the canvas walls worked properly honestly, there’s been so many times where I pick a cool texture that I want to use as a floor/wall/ceiling, but it’s either too small and I can’t resize it or it stretches and looks awful


In an update coming soon (probably after workshop condos), we will have a toggle for the condo materials that will resolve that.


Gizmo does this already? If you mean this will happen automatically then this is planned with Condo I/O.

I’m confused, this already exists. You can set a canvas on any surface.

Which ones?

These are on their way.


Just to piggyback here:

I’d like something akin to the snow piles, but with textures.

I’d love to see more construction items that help build foundations for organic/natural scenes. Its much easier to construct man-made buildings than it is to alter the landscape of a condo.

The game has a great variety of Rocks/Trees/Plants to accent and decorate, but setting a foundation that doesn’t look like its made of blocks is difficult. Canvas items with organic bumps/indention/curves that could be used to create landscapes, ponds and hills.

Like if I try to create a natural looking pond the water texture for canvas objects makes creating a body of water very easy now, but all the edges of that pond consist of sharp angles and I usually default to obscuring the edges with rocks and bushes.

Bit of a vague/open-ended request I apologize, but I’d love to see something along these lines.


That would be neat, a bunch of landscapes and such.


To add on to the snow pile thing, I think it would be kinda cool if there were also placeable mountains or cliffs too for more open environments.

Also a couple other things, sand and snow options for default surfaces would be great, as well as being able to change the texture of the grass floor on the roof of the default condo.


I was just about to suggest that the sand material from the Base Condo could be added to the Canvas Selection. In combination with landscaping Canvases this could allow making custom islands easier.


I’m very bad with wording things that have to do with game development since I know absolutely nothing about it. I’m referring to linking the position of the texture to the world instead of tiling, like the concrete tile floor.

I really want to see pipes and curves specifically.

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Please! That would be so helpful for a lot of stuff.