My building creation designs - Non-TU builds

I noticed there are some avid builders in TU. I myself have not figured out how the custom building really works in here yet.

I am quite the building enthusiast myself though, and thought I would share my building creations for those that are into that thing. I am a themed builder, ranging from fantasy to Asian, Horror to Gimmicky.

There are quite a few hours worth of vids, all done on ARK. I must have spent over 1,200 hours just building there by now. I used to do Minecraft, but I never started recording/saving stuff till last year.

The quality will be laggy at times because the load hard on the PC, due to size or just poorly optimized bits, but enjoy nontheless :3
My playlist with all the builds:


Looks really good, some songs reminded me of Majesty music. Fantastic port town though, loved the look of the upper castle part and market-ish area’s. :heart_eyes_cat:

:3 The whole thing was inspired by a mix of WoW (Stormwind harbor) & Assassin’s Creed ports. The colors are actually horde vs alliance.
My Fav creations are the 3 Asian builds, especially the large village, but everyone likes the fantasy port the most x3

Haven’t checked the rest because you have a ton of videos there and they are all really long, I am interested in the Asian themed ones though! I’ll take a look again in the morning after I wake up :smiley_cat:

The videos always feel so short as the creator, compared to how long they took to make x3 - 20-50 hours typically. The Vlad Tepes Castle / Bioshock / Zoo were closer to 100.

The Asian ones:
-Feudal Japan village was my fav design.
-Bathhouse is totally inspired by the 1,000 anime hotsprings scenes xD
-House Rangetsu was based on my first large MC build, and the design roughly from Castle Himeji

I also recommend the Venice, Italy (laggy due to poorly optimized railings) / Christmas Village. That, and the above cover the ones I recommend most. Maybe the Jousting Arena too.