My apology for advertising

I want to apologize for every “thing” that I’ve showcased here that doesn’t relate to Tower Unite or any of the products related to Pixeltail Games. I can’t help but feel dread for being an annoyance to everyone through these posts of mine, and I just want to apologize and be over with the whole thing. I will not advertise anything unrelated on this forums again.

However, I would like to showcase the things that I make for and/or in Tower Unite, because they would be relevant (and not annoying) and also because there is a lot of potential for modding and building in this game. I won’t create an excess of posts like I’ve done before in the past.

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As long as it’s relevant, I don’t think I would mind. But, please, no lets play or lets play like videos. For example, I wouldn’t like to see 15 minute long posts of people just chatting and playing Tower Unite. But you’ve been pretty good, at least in my eyes, so far. Can’t speak for anybody else though.


Yeah, I don’t make Let’s Play videos. I’d rather make videos showcasing my progress on Workshop addons and short videos of random oddities within the game. Or not make videos at all.

I’d like to see some of that. Workshop stuff especially.

i didn’t even notice

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