My Actual Condo

This is my condo. Never showcased it because it was only 90% complete (was waiting for the update with building panels and png canvases). Hope you like it!

Also, there’s a hidden room that I will not show. I’d rather people find that on their own!:grin:

Entrance (plus my neighbor…)

Bathroom (plus my other neighbor…)

Main first floor

The good stuff

Basement (TeamOrange)


Deck and some beach

Previous condo owner

Number 1 Fan

Second floor, left door (chill room/dance floor)

The kid’s bar/chill area (those are root beer bottles!)

Master Bedroom

Entertainment room

Links to the rest (for anyone that hasn’t seen the outside)


I wish I had that much money. I would make a dream land.

Wow you’ve been to work since the last time i was in your condo.

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You didn’t show them the altar…

You mean the shrine? Nothing special about it, just a question mark image until I can find something I want there lol.


It’s neat. I’ve been there before, it’s pretty rad.

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water in the bath, genius


Instantly came when I saw that bathtub :new_moon_with_face:

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are a fucking genius


Ah, I remember a few days ago when I visited your condo…
It was neat.
I really like the #TeamOrange poster. It really stands out!

I also see you have a ton of Units.
Like, a crap ton.
Do you mind sharing your secret on how to gain so many Units?

I played over 1500 hours in Gmod Tower. The majority of my money was from the transfer.