My Review

so here is the line up on how things are working on Laptop that is 6 years old so please not your expirance will differ from mine

first of all the loading time is ehhh… a little better so thats a plus there
another plus is the Waiting for host BS is sorta patched thank you VALVE for the fix
settings are now saved for graphic category so no more ULTRA settings at start up

now for the downs

a fatal error hit me when i was playing in a server crashing TU i hope this was just a one off
2nd Ping is oddly higher then normal normally im at 300 ping for US servers HOWEVER the ping currently was Sky rocketing to 400 to as high as 1,050 not good at all
i also found in Plaza loading times a bit odd like i don’t know if it was the mass number of players on the server but the game would frequently freeze and un freeze

as i was reading the latest update they say they are going to update the Unreal engine version so that may help with performance issues but i can only hope

still have yet to try Virus or Planet Panic i hope they are fun

what is not fun is Ball race these New stages plus god of all mighty stress memories are just EVIL

the mini golf courses are nicely done thoe so again mixed on the mini games

as for the condos i have yet to really do anything with them as im waiting for the big GMT to UT move

thats about it nothing else to say about this version and its improvements and issues see ya next version

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You wrote a review that’s going to be valid for … a day or two? Eh well.

In terms of the loading times of the maps, I found putting the game on my SSD helped dramatically (there are programs out there that can point certain steam games to different drives).

Remember, If you’re experiencing bugs or issues with the game, search the forum and make a bug report.

well im just giving my opinion on how the current version is treating me and what i feel i hope can be improved and what has been effecting me its not an Offical Review i will do that on Steam when its ready