Music to listen to while map making? :P

So i’ve been map making recently, and I find myself constantly listening to the GMT OST on repeat. I need some new stuff! (However the GMT OST is still great!) I’d like a familiar taste however, a mix of piano music, old game nostalgic stuff, and just great happy stuff :> Thanks guys! (Oh and maybe include some more of the best Sims songs?)

Just post a link to the music if you can :slightly_smiling:

Recently I’ve been listening to Keith Ape while map making.

But I (more then) occasionally listen to Monstercat Radio while mapping.

If you want a nostalgia feel, just go search up some 8(or 16)bit remixes of popular songs, their really nice.

Video game soundtracks are very nice. Try Undertale, it has some good tracks.
Also, I know you didn’t ask for it, but when I’m developing stuff I enjoy podcasts.

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You could try the Cave Story soundtrack. It’s got some great chiptunes and all the original songs are available to download for free from here, or you could just search for a few on YouTube to see if you like it. It’s mostly upbeat, intense music, though, so I’m not sure if it’s the best choice for listening to while mapping…

In any case, here’s the main theme:

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I have a Spotify playlist I use when I map, I’ll edit this post with the link to it when I get home.
& here it is, FOR ANYONE not just the OP.

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I usually listen to the GNR songs from Fallout 3 when I’m working on stuff

Listen to some Earthbound, it has tons of different tracks. Some of them may be wacky and trippy, while others may be calm and catchy (Well, they’re all catchy). Or, like EvKem suggested, Undertale. Undertale’s soundtrack is great, and I listen to it sometimes when I draw.

(Wait, why do I always listen to RPG soundtracks? :grinning:)

Mother 3 Soundtrack.
no link cause i’m a froob

Just in case you guys didn’t see the edit.

Here’s my Spotify if anyone’s interested, I cover basically all the bases.

You like Alt? You like Metal? Future Bass? Then smash that like button.



i listen to the yogpod

Most Instrumental Songs from Madeon.
Almost any OST if its good enough.

And well, even GMT uses this o3o. But.
Crinkles Music (Sountrack in a Box)

Good music, is free and is royalty.
Highly Suggest downloading the songs in the OGG format, the quality is very good.

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I usually listen to the initial D soundtrack…

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Well Matt, you got good taste. :+1:

And if you’re a techno person,

I find if I’m doing something combat related, I like Black Mesa Source’s OST. I’m too lazy to go through the trouble of posting that via phone though so I’ll edit it in later.

Other than that I mostly listen to what ever interests me while also fitting the theme of what I want to make. For example I might listen to classical for something calm, maybe Jimi Hendrix radio for a 60S-70s vibe, or game soundtrack for game related stuff or general base building.

If you’re looking for some electronic music, I enjoy the TrackMania 2 Valley and Stadium soundtracks. Personally, I prefer the Valley one over Stadium, but both are good choices.