Music Player

Mabie if your a admin you can play youtube or soundcloud url’s to the whole server.

If you’re talking about condos, this will be a thing in the future.
You will be able to play soundcloud music across the whole condo for parties etc.

This would be a pain in the ASS in the lobbies. I do not want this. It increases lag, people may not like the music, etc.

now people have to turn on the pc’s to listen to music in my condo so i can’t wait for auto-music that’s already on when you enter the condo

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What I would personally want is a little door bell that plays whenever someone enters the condo. Allowing short custom sounds for it would be perfect.

It was normal for a GMT admin to put a disco ball into the lobby
What’s so different now?


We know those admins. They are trusted and they’d never blatantly make the experience worse. It’s their player and fan base, people who they overall like as well.
But random people on the Internet, they can be dicks for the fun of it. Happens all the time.

  • then only join servers that you trust (i meet people, and if they have a server, i get invited, that’s how it mostly goes with me)

Yeah, I guess so. But, take into consideration that servers go down sometimes. Just yesterday the Official Lobby was down. The thing is, sometimes you join a server just to buy something, say. But if in your 4 minute supply run you have to listen to Nyan Cat being blasted at 50 dB because the admins are asses, then that’s just no fun. I see your point, but there’s other scenarios. Even a new player. If their first experience was being overlayed by a shitty song or a meme being blasted, they’d get pretty turned off of the game.


I’m with you on this.
One tool that would be pretty essential for admins in my opinion is server wide voice chat.

I think voice chat is different. Because that can be used for announcements and such.

:smirk_cat: and micspam, but that won’t happen