Multiple Milestone items

Summary of bug here.
Help i have 29 “skeleton friend” and 2 “blood moon” milestone items, i was wondering if you could remove em until i have 1 of each please

Steps to Reproduce

From what i assume it happened because the milestone level kept on resetting at a certain point for some reason and it counted each time i leveled up at that milestone and gave me another one of said items

What I expected to happen

Only one of each to be given

What happened

Gained multiple unique items

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

All you need to do is log into and it’ll automatically fix it.

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Thank you! it worked for the skeleton friend but i still have 2 blood moons for some reason, should i log out and log back in to see if it fixes it again?

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Yeah, Steam is being really bad right now.

I could tell, Thank you for your help! I’ll try again with the blood moon later once the servers have calmed down

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