Multiple Achievement Bugs (Plaza Achievements, etc)

I love Tower Unite, I’ve had it for at least a year if not longer and I love all the new features being added. But there’s been four separate achievements now that I’ve definitely complete, yet I haven’t gotten the achievement for it either in game or on my steam account, not to mention that the achievement menu itself in the Steam UI is a bit glitchy. So let me list off the achievements that I’ve gotten in the last day that didn’t load.

(Fixed by riding the ride a second time in a row) Poseidon - Ride the Roller Coaster Once (Self explanatory, I rode the roller coaster once and didn’t get the achievement).
(Still Broken) Home Away From Home - Visit Another Condo (Also self explanatory, I visited another condo but didn’t get the achievement)
(Sorted itself after unknown amount of deaths) You Are Dead - Get eaten by the dragon 20 times (I’ve been eaten by the dragon WAY more than 20 times)

There are others, but honestly I got a bit too drunk last night and forgot. I’ll point them out when I remember them. Thank you guys!

These achievements have worked for me. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you. :thinking:

For the rollercoaster achievement you might have to ride it more than once to get the achievement and the condo achievement just works whenever it wants to. I don’t know about the dragon achievement though, it worked fine for me.

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The condo one seems to be a bit weird and random.
I have sometimes gotten progress for the condo visit achievements by joining a condo from the condo lobby floor in a server and by jumping from condo to condo via the condo list.

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Thank you for replies guys, here’s an update. So @rrmm suggestion worked for the roller coaster achievement, going through it more than once fixed it up. The dragon achievement sorted itself out, but the condo one still isn’t working. I’ve tried getting to different condos in different ways but still haven’t gotten the achievement yet. I’ve visited like 11 condos.

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