Mountain Lodge (Suite)

I finally decided to completely rehaul my Suite for the first time since 2017. My Condos usually have a “Gallery” (where I put my art), “Theatre” (with themed Viewing rooms for my friends and I to watch videos in), “Lounge” (where I plan to put Darts and Billiards), and “Funzone” (where I put any other activity). Also a Dinkley Shrine.
But since Suite is so small, I didn’t quite know what to do it… so I decided to spend the day converting it to a lone mountain suite. This is the first version of this so there’s still some work to be done.

Located in Lobby 26 (the Mountain one), the lodge is carved into the mountain beneath the Tower along a scenic path overlooking the bay.

Outside is an exterior viewing area with a projector.

View from the interior viewing area.

Among my curated collection of somewhat-cursed images I have assembled a fine selection of portraits. As the first wave of Fine Art, there’s many more images yet to be placed.

Overlooking the bottom floor, showing the alcoves carved into the walls.

Normally I’d dedicate the Secret room to the Trials of Dinkley… but I decided to instead decorate this area into a spooky lab. Here details the origin of one of my Condo characters (I use a cast of NPCs across each condo: Helena the Theatre Manager, Carlita the Strange Sister of Helena, Boner the Skeleton, and Mel the Crab Woman).

I don’t use Workshop models unless there’s a specific model I want to use for a joke, using the vast catalogue I’ve amassed over the years. My builds are mostly made for my friends and I to relax and watch videos in, so there’s plenty of inside jokes both in and out of these screenshots.


Very nice, very cozy

this looks amazing, great job
will look 1000x better with the new rock textures

We’re getting new rock textures? Hadn’t heard about that, but it’s definitely needed. The rocks are either way too smooth or way too crusty.

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“showing the alcoves carved into the walls”… how can these be done?

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Use the “Invisible” Canvas Material on the wall you want to change (Invisible can be found under “Glass” and “Misc” categories).
  2. Take out multiple Canvas Wall items and build the wall around the alcove’s opening
  3. Build whatever you want behind the wall!

I recommend using Grid Size 10. Unfortunately, the alcove won’t be a functional two-way hole (though depending on the map, you can walk through the backface of walls). If you want your alcove to function as a passageway, you’ll need to setup teleporters.

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thank you very much,
i will try
you are very creative and you have become beautiful what you have created