More Specific Plaza Location Names

Something that’s always bothered me about Lobby 3 is that there’s so many areas that are just labeled “The Great Outdoors” or another area’s name when they could easily have a more specific location name. It’d help a lot with being able to find other players with the scoreboard.

I’ve written out a giant list of areas in the Plaza that currently say you’re in The Great Outdoors (or some other location’s name) while you’re inside them that I think should have their own location name:

Near Main Plaza Square:

  • Subway tunnels
  • The roofs of the main plaza buildings
  • The area around the side/back of the Game World Ports
  • The area of the main plaza sandwiched between the Trivia and Theatre buildings, with the backer bricks in the center
  • Outside Casino, Arcade, Trivia, Nightclub, Shooting Gallery Ride

West/East Stores:

  • Roofs of the store buildings
  • Staircases leading to the garden areas above the stores
  • The garden areas, including the side areas with skylights
  • D.I.Y
  • Tower Threads


  • The monorail track
  • The monorail stations
  • The bridge near the boardwalk
  • The room connected to the casino monorail station

Around the jungle/nature area:

  • The back area of the tower, which leads to the minigames and the pool
  • The pool bypass bridge
  • The beach nearest to the other island and pool slides
  • The lazy river
  • The pathways/bridges in the nature area
  • Exteriors of the beach houses


  • Poker room
  • Spin to Win room
  • Second floor / High roller poker room


  • The Freezing Point
  • Uncle Muscle’s
  • Stairways
  • Billiards room
  • Starship Lounge
  • 2D games room
  • Second floor
  • Information desk


  • Bowling shops


  • Main room
  • Hallways
  • Karaoke check-in


  • The sides of the tower (this used to have its own location name in Lobby 2, I think?)
  • The ocean
  • The sky

Yeah I think we could do a location pass.