More player tags

Off the top of my head, I think there’s tags for being a backer and pixel tail representative.

I think it’d be cool if there were tons more for all sorts of things to the point that some folks on the scoreboard could appear to have a giant army ribbons.

Legacy Player - Played GMT
Legacy Donors - Donated to GMT
Contributor - Uploaded to the Workshop
Star Contributor - Uploaded a workshop item that got a lot of votes, or maybe all their items got a cumulative amount of votes.
Power Player - Players with a certain amount of hours or achievements.
Record holder - Someone with a significant spot on the leaderboards
Early Accessor - Anyone who had the game before it gets out of early access

I believe the devs had said before they do not want to divide the community any further, the GMT tags would do that.


The Contributor tag would probably have lots of people add lots of garbage to the Workshop.


I don’t think the devs have any plans to give early access players anything.


I already see that this probably isn’t a popular idea, but with what you say in mind, my philosophy is that if they’ve already acknowledge a “divide” in haves & have-nots and aren’t going to change it, why not go hard in the other direction so that it’s merely haves and have-mores,.

Because it would divide the community even more…? i fail to see your argument.

We don’t want to add anymore tags.


add one that says
“steve minecraft”

My argument is that such distinctions are less meaningful and devisive if there’s way more of them.

this says it all, really.

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