More pet variety


I think that they should add actual dog and cats in the game (not just balls with ears) as much as I love these pet ideas I really do think that they should add dog and cat models

Ps. I know they are adding the fish as a pet I think that is a great start


I like the balls, I think they are original and cute.


I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that they will add actual dogs and cats as condo pets. Maybe I was dreaming.

edit: I was wrong, I misremembered this trello thing


They’re making spider, zombie, and zombie dog pets. (they’re milestones, but they exist.)



Damn Milestone rewards are going to be awesome.


Uh… Spider potion? I don’t like the sound of that.


Pet Zombie
Would it be defined as slavery given that the human is an undead?



inb4 pet npc

pet isabelle when


Custom pet creation is a workshop feature that will come in the future most likely