More organized IO action select menu

Since phase 2 of Condo I/O dropped it’s been a bit more tedious to assign actions to items with all the new actions that have been added. Certain common item types like lights and doors often have ten or more actions while only around half of them are displayed at any time, so selecting actions often involves a lot of scrolling, especially if you’re assigning connections to a lot of items and those actions also have variables to pick from.

A larger, more organized selection menu would help a lot to make actions easier to select. Here’s a design I’ve had in mind:

Here, the menu is made a bit larger to fit more actions and they’re now categorized by the type of action they are, with actions specific to Light items, coloring, and actions shared by all items. The copy button by the selected action (Toggle, in this case) would allow you to copy that action and quickly paste it to other items without having to open the select menu multiple times.

And here’s another (better) design I thought of while writing this post:

It’s a lot closer to the current menu but has the functions organized in tabs you can open and close. Also the copy button is still there.

I really like these designs for a better drop down menu.


Menu really reminds of Blockland’s UI when it came to logic stuff, much prefer it like this than what we have now