More minigames for condos

Could you PLEASSEEE add in more minigames for condos so we can have more to do in the condo i would love to make my own arcade or a basket ball court with playablility with it or even fishing in my pond would be cool. if i can do it in plaza why not in the condo you know? Please???

Sure more would be nice, but you can already make a basketball court, Ice Hockey Arena, Football Pitch, ground RC Race track, flying RC race track, obstacle course, Throwing weapon arena, maze and quite a bit more. It just requires a bit of effort on your end.


ya i found out about the basket ball but i really just wanted actual games from the arcade and fishing(fishing is fun) but even things like working workout equipment and casino games and even a bowling ally in my condo could really make things more fun to use in the condo space because then i could make them have my own touch to them