More lights that aren't desk lamps

with the new condos and their new lights and the new light system I think we are due some more lights for walls and ceilings.
We should also be able to link up placed down lights with other (default condo/other placed) lights.
Here’s some of the lights that look pretty snazzy and we need them for other condos than the one they originated from.
Highrise has some pretty nice lights

there is even a room with no visible lights but still has light in it. which I think invisible lights that we can place would be pretty sweet aswell.

You get the base idea.
But even the little circular lights from the default condo and the hanging lights from the suite and house would be very nice and useful for those who either think a room is too dark or build with canvas cubes and such and have not too many options for lighting systems.

Already planned :wink:


but where’s the invisible light :wink:


I know this has nothing to do about light, but trees.

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