More languages

Hmm, the idea of translating is neat. Translator applications could be pretty cool. I’d love to apply as a translator as well!

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Ty jsi čech? Radek je české jméno.
You are czech? Radek is czech name.

Developers can count with us if they need some help with the translation :wink:

Yea but i think developers will need community to translate there is a tons of players from others countries, like : Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Russia and more. I think it will be a good idea make more languages.

Man, i thought Radek is Polish name (Im from Poland and Im Radek).

I`ve sent message @macdguy about translanting game into Polish :slight_smile:

We’re looking into translation options.
Unreal has a system that makes this fairly easy to implement.

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Polish maybe too, but my name is Radek by the way and I am Czech :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

So much Radeks here :smiley:

@Zak k if you want me to translate english to čeština/czech. Contact me on
And one more thing can you rename me to 醫生 I cant have this name so pleeease.

@Zak PS : Do Unreal support a fonts from my language like ě š č ř ž ý á í é ď ň ???

Simple question:
Does the UE4 support cyrilic alphabet?


If so, Аз мога да помогна с Българският език.
Ако да, I can help with the Bulgarian language.

Unreal uses UTF-16 to store text internally.
As long as we use a font that has characters from those alphabets in them, we can display them easily.

@Zak So can I translate? From English to Czech? For free.

If you’re looking for people with such talents [I have a relevant thread for you][1]

Additionally, I’ve seen in games like OpenTTD use a system where they have a big list of phrases and community members submit translations one-by-one, so the load isnt all on one person.
[1]: Who’s Bilingual?

Yay, let’s mention translating:

Я бы хотя мог переводить в русский язык, но мой словарьный запас очень маленький. Ето может предотворять нормальное переводение. Б писание я тоже могу делать ошыбки.

So yeah, I could probably, weakly translate into Russian.

Radek is generally a west-slavic name. The poles, czechs and slovaks have it.

We are thinking of using for our localization.

Everyone will be able to help us out.


I’m fluent in Dutch. I speak it perfectly. I think. :3
Haha, it’s my primary language.

So translating text is E Z however heres a challenge right here: Program a script that translates microphone audio between languages! That way people would buy tower unite just for that feature, its like printing money!!! … not that I would know what printing money is like…

(Sorry for necro)
I’d be able to help translate the game into Finnish.

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Its alright. I think its good to bring this up again

I think what you guys should do, is what Prison Architect did. Have it so people on the workshop are able to make language packs. Which then have their own place in the game (e.g Settings>Language)