More indepth pets?

When I saw the Pet Hats! post I wondered, maybe a better pets system, rather than sticking it in the equip slot and suddenly you have a melon, 3 eggs or a rubiks cube following you, How about a system where you buy them as a child and as you feed them they get bigger and grow up, I don’t mean like tamagochi where if you leave them for 5mins there is poop everywhere and a dead animal.

What Features I mean:

  • Every Day you can feed your pet until its “Full”, and then the next day it is no longer full
  • It will grow as you feed it, either dynamically so it slowly gets bigger, or has 3 presets “Baby” “Teen” and “Adult”
  • Feeding could be similar to XP and the levels would be how old it is
  • Also from the Pet Hats! suggestion, maybe some hats for your pet
  • Maybe there own animations, or actual animals such as a dog. I would love to recreate my real-life dog in-game

I don’t want to have to keep up with taking care of a pet or I would have kittens already irl.

I’m just fine with having a self sufficient turtle float next to me to keep me company.
He’s the reason I’m not a loner.

Or does that make me more of a loner?

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Thats the point im trying to make @CakeMagic (Your a fan of cakes too?) I don’t want my suggestion to be like a tamagochi, i meant to say its not mandatory that you do that, but anyway wouldnt a baby turtle be cute?

Hehe, I’d probably want like twelve baby turtles and then deprave them of food so they never grow

On another note, I do indeed love cake. :smile:
My name used to be “The Cake is a Pie” which is much more clever, but a friend of mine was having PC problems and asked me to “use your cakemagic to fix it”. Upon seeing this I decided that that was much more original and clever and so I switched to it :cake:

Also there’s a cakery in England somewhere by the same name. It is my life goal to get a cake from there.

@CakeMagic i live in England, I wonder if its near me

Got this for an address.

21 The Strand
B61 8AB

@Cakemagic Im 150 miles away from it, maybe when I get my drivers license I will go on a road trip which is 2hours 30mins with no traffic =P

Just tell me when, I wanna come

@Cakemagic Well, the legal age here to get a take a drivers test is 18 i believe, so just over 4 years… I’ll put that on a post-it note

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Is your bucket list called a Tin list…or a pan list maybe?

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One of the devs (sorry I can’t remember who) mentioned something related to a chao garden type pet system (from sonic adventure series).

I’ve got it down on my baking sheet.

On topic, yeah, I remember the chao garden comment, here it is

I’m literally laughing my ass off right now :laughing:

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