More in-depth Condo creation

Now this is a bit of a long-term idea that might not kick off or will be something that can be considered when the game is hitting a more complete state.

But basically, I was thinking of maybe having a condo-creating screen, where you can select several types of interior, maybe also exterior-types, pool types and so on. Basically a list of examples to then modify the condo in a way where each one is already different layoutwise.
Not speaking of having to drag walls or like, start with an empty area, but a list of presets for each segment would be something that this game could benefit from.

This is far from rushed of course, I love the basic Condo layout already, it offers a lot for one to work with.

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“Advanced Condo Tools” are coming at some point, which basicly allows you to build your own Condo.


Oh, I apolagize then, I wasn’t aware. I guess this can be closed down then?