More HTML tags!

Markdown is really limiting and doesn’t let you do basic stuff like tables. More HTML tags would be nice, like the table tags, and audio tags.

Edit: Turns out the width attribute isn’t restricted on images
<IMG src=

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NO, unless you have to invoke them manually. I don’t want to come into threads that automatically play shit.

Agree with this. I don’t like Markdown whatsoever, though I’m not sure what can be done as I haven’t run a Discourse forum before.

Markdown is fine. Not changing it.


Don’t you want to be spooked?

Now really, I get the table one, but even so it’s barely unused (and I think Discourse already has a secondary method of doing it). But any of the new HTML that is related to Audio or Video is definitely a no, else, this forums would become a disco.

You can use some HTML tags as well. Like big, subscript, superscript, small, and some more. You can view a full list of HTML markups in w3 schools (not all work on this forum of course).

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Nearly no html tags work here :c