More Hair Styles & Clothing Options

So I believe this has been said before but I want to express the idea again in order to draw more thought to it. This idea would be adding more hair styles and clothing options. Now currently, the customization is pretty good right now and provides a fair amount of variety (especially in the hats section and also in coloring clothing. I have also seen that changing the color of wearable items is on the list of planned things to do along with Steam Workshop support which depending on what it entails, can indeed implement these) however some people might say it isn’t enough (cause people always want more of things they like). For example, the one I think would need addressing first is the number of hairstyles. Currently for masculine and feminine characters (male and female) we get a default hair style which can only be colored (or sort of blocked by wearable items). As for more clothes options, I think this may be able to be fixed by just adding more wearable items along with workshop support for this feature. An example (a simple one but I still will use it) is having the ability to have the hood up on one of the outfits.
If we change this then well…we get a little more expression? Frankly I don’t know how many people want this but I can say at least for people that enjoy customizing things like crazy (such as myself) that this would be a welcome addition. Of course I also do not know how it will affect the game’s frames per second so if it does affect this majorly then not implementing this makes sense or if the developers just don’t want to. Anyways, that is all of my thoughts on this. Thank you for considering, reading, or just commenting without caring about what I say :wink:

soon this will happen it’s not super high on the priority list.

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Like you said; It’s been asked for before in plentiful amounts.

Options for more customization are planned, just not a top priority as far as i’m aware. There are a few articles of customization shown every now and again, but like i said, it’s not a huge top priority. i’m sure they’d like the gameplay part of the game to work first :stuck_out_tongue:
As for steam workshop content; that’s only for self run community servers, meaning it would only be seen in non-officially run servers. If that’s what floats your boat then that’s dandy, but that’s a while away yet.