More graphic choices

i feel the lack of graphic settings could be improved so we the user can tweak the game graphics to how we want currently i had to switch everything to low just to make it run at a steady frame rate i feel it can be even smoother if i had access to advance Graphical settings currently its fine but it sure could be improved

granted my Laptop is 6 years old so there is that as well but what can i do im broke and jobless ok enough complaining

What would you consider advanced graphics settings in this case?

I personally think there should be something like a global graphics setting, where changing it would automatically change all the other settings to that level. I think it would benefit new users especially. :slight_smile:

ohhh defintly Preset Settings so that new commers don’t have to worry about screwing things up and can’t return them to default

also in the form of advanced graphics i mean like what seen when i was playing black Light Retribution that Game had a HUGE list of advanced settings from lowing partical count to mini mapping quality and more

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