More Gmod Tower players Exclusive Items/Accessories


With the game slowly growing and bringing new players there are bound to be players that did not play Gmod tower and Gmod tower players are starting to become less and less, I believe that gmod tower players should get an exclusive accessory like a hat or something along those lines to show for how much they really did care about gmod tower, The backers got a custom Item in the form of the Gmod tower lobby one statue but they also got an accessory the headphones Gmod tower players should in my opinion get the same kind of thing for being dedicated to what tower truly is and how amazing it is for them gmod tower players to still be here after almost 3 years after tower unite came out back in April 2016 :smiley: hope this could come someday but we all understand you are busy working on more important things than giving people cool stuff :smiley: if you do plan on this take your time



Pixeltail has said before that they do not want to add any more exclusive content for any players. Other than the initial items that backers/GMT players received, we probably won’t be getting more since that would only split the community further.


did they :confused: oh