More Game Worlds variety

Basically the title. I don’t understand why so many people are hyped for the coming SDNL / Slaughterday Night Live or Planet Panic Game Worlds. To me, Game Worlds in Tower Unite defeat the idea of party themed game that Tower Unite aims to be with only exceptions being game worlds such as probably only Minigolf. Most of the Game Worlds are just shooters with extra steps and different goals. What’s so fun about only shooting others for different goals? There are so many more other ideas that could be made into Game Worlds successfully. Like massive puzzle game to figure out stuff together. Feel free to hate all you want on me, but the variety should be they key. I enjoy most of the listed games anyway but like, give us something else than shooters. Seriously, as if we didn’t have enough ways to shoot at each other already more or less? Add to that PvP mode for plazas and condos and soon Duelling Arena. So if you ever wonder why minigolf is amongst one of most popular Game Worlds to be hosted, you have your answer.

Virus - FPS Team Shooter
Zombie Massacre - Top-Down View Shooter
Planet Panic - Vehicular Team Shooter
SDNL / Slaughterday Night Live - FPS Shooter
Little Crusaders - Team Fighter Without Guns

That’s a major gameplay element of Horror Hill, iirc.

I have no idea how you could compare the gameplay of ZM and Virus honestly, they’re thematically similar but they’re two entirely different genres with completely different gameplay loops.

Planet Panic is also not remotely similar to ZM and Virus, like at all. You drive UFOs and steal orbs from the opposing team’s fort, the only similarity is that you can shoot.

SDNL is just deathmatch which I guess goes for your argument, but if I recall correctly there’s plans to give it mutators for other gamemodes that’ll make it a lot more replayable and unique to the other shooter-based game worlds.

How is LC even remotely similar to any of these? That one’s the most bizarre inclusion to me. It’s competitive I guess, but that’s where the similarities end.


I don’t mean to compare the games, but to point out that they are all based around same concept with different goals/objectives and mechanics thrown around to differ them. Again, the gameplay can be different but it does not cross out the fact that most of the games I listed, maybe with exception for Little Crusaders are all about shooting, and it’s just not fun, or at least any unique that way. This is like half of the existing games currently. This is certainly not helping the game. Any of those games could be thrown out and have something more unique placed. I will be reminding everyone about this from time to time, because to me, that’s just not how it should look. It kinda feels like devs are lacking any creative ideas for something that does not utilise shooting mechanics.

Honestly what you said pretty much sums it up for me.

Tower has multiple genres of gameplay already. Horror Hill will add co-op puzzle gameplay. Planet Panic has shooting elements, but it’s a vehicle based shooter with CTF type gameplay elements. ZM and Virus are different as one is co-op and the other is PVP.

LC is not a shooter at all. Ball Race is not a shooter. Minigolf is not a shooter. The 10th Game World is not going to be a shooter either.

There’s also Arcade, Casino, etc. which are different games and more co-op Arcade games are being worked on/planned.


okay, maybe I am overthinking/overreacting it. but Game Worlds are one of core and biggest features of the game, hence all that thinking. It all really depends for me, just how much slots the Game Worlds Ports has left. I didn’t mean to sound toxic or anything, and if I did, I am sorry. I guess the way I said things could and very likely was/is too much. Again, I still really do enjoy all the Game Worlds but I always felt a need to add something new that does not share and overuse the same mechanic. Really don’t wanna make myself any enemies on forums or anywhere here.