More Frequent Batches of New Condo Items

I really like interior design so I like to decorate condos often. I try not to use workshop stuff just because official items are more customizable and less buggy, but very often there’s not really any items that fit exactly with what I want to make.

It also really doesn’t help that for the past 3 years or so a huge amount of the new items added are only really good for making structures (canvas primitives, piles, etc), were made as exclusive items for games (arcade, fish, milestones), or are extremely situational (most of the holiday themed items) so it’s been a very long time since the game’s gotten more furniture items that are really useful for house design. The closest we’ve gotten to that kind of thing was the Courtyard Villa update, but a lot of the items were pretty simple or only really fit well in a modern bathroom type room.

I’d really appreciate if more condo items were added to the game, and a bit more frequently than they are now.

It’d be really nice to have some furniture sets every so often. For example, there could be a ‘Tropical’ item set that added bamboo furniture, more wicker furniture, bamboo torches and easter island heads, or a ‘Modern’ set with more geometric/abstract looking stuff.

Outside of models that would need to be custom made for furniture sets, though, there’s a ton of models already used in TU that could be really good condo items (mainly in the Plaza, and Game World maps like Desertion and Bedzoom).

tl;dr: it’s been like 3 years since a significant-to-me amount of not-very-situational condo items were added and I’d love if there were more added and a bit more frequently also

I’ve wanted furniture sets to be added to the game in waves for awhile. The three holiday sets were fun little themed sets, but they aren’t widely usable.
There’s many many props in the game that would be nice to use and many items that have IDs and were intended for inclusion.

I made an offer to join the team as a 3D modeler for this reason (lightening the load of the main art team)… But I got no response (which is pretty much what I expected lmao).


I’d like to see repair-shop like items in the stores. Really would fit car repair garage condo vibe at overall.

Bumping this post since I have had the same thoughts regarding condo items.

Like you said, with the exception of the holiday items, the new items we usually get are for structuring purposes such as doors, canvases, and panels.

I always thought about Tower Unite receiving more batches of decorative items such as food, tools, toys, and plants, including the items listed near the top here.