More features to the RC Drone

I’ve been asking around for about 5 hours now about the RC Drone but couldn’t get a response from anyone, even people actively using it; I went and grinded myself silly for tickets and got it once and for all to find its a clone of the RC Helicopter milestone from Zombie Massacre. I am now deeply regretful of my purchase because I already had the Heli.

However, my main focus on getting the Drone was the emphasis of its camera. I take screenshot capturing seriously and hoped this could make a useful aux tool for capturing areal views or otherwise tight spaces I couldn’t fit in person.

What if you combine the elements of the Screenshot Camera wep, with the first person mode on the RC Drone, and make it a utility for possibly capturing areal views of, perhaps, parties, events, or anything else going on in the plaza, not unlike its real world uses.
It would of course require allowing a 360 view while in first person mode, while in order to be maneuvered it needs to function as-is when in 3rd person mode (since it flies in the direction you’re facing, you need that to steer).

Just make sure you don’t also give the same features to the RC Heli or the purpose to own both is once again lost.

I’d love to see it hide the HUD when in the camera mode.


I’ll have to try the RC Heli again for reference, but I thought the drone was way more responsive and quick so I felt it was worth the tickets. I agree on getting that camera some function. Someone pointed out the camera is pointing backwards and that drives me nuts now lol.