More Detailed Character Editing And A Clothing Shop

I would be nice if everyone didn’t have the same look. And maybe a clothing shop even, where you can buy and customise clothing.

there will be user-made workshop playermodels in the future

It’d be cool though, to have a base playermodel that we can actually shape and mold the face of, however we like. Sorta like the Fallout series character creation, with facial hair, different eyebrows, stuff like that.

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This has been suggested so many times. Perhaps use the search function next time if you could.

The devs have stated the current playermodel is a placeholder, but there is other things that require the attention than something purely cosmetic.


I’m new here. I used to use the steam suggestions. Will do.

I’m replying to this due to the workshop update having been released. I would still like to see this, because I want to make a unique character, without having to learn how to use a 3d modeling program. I’m a gamer, not a 3d model artist.