More Detail to the "____ Left" and "___ Joined" Chat Messages

Right now, when a player enters a server it says “___ Joined.” and when they leave it says “___ left.”, but I had some ideas for how they could be improved a bit.

Unique Join Messages
One change I think would be nice is to have special “___ Joined” messages for various parts of the game, like:

  • Plaza: “____ entered the Plaza.”
  • Condo: "____ entered the Condo.
  • Game Worlds: “____ joined the game.”

More Detailed Leave Messages
Another change that would be nice is an explanation for where players who leave went, for example:

  • “____ left the Plaza to play Ball Race.”
  • “____ left the Condo to enter another Condo.”
  • “____ timed out.” or “___'s game crashed.”

Also, “Your friend has joined the Plaza” when a friend joins.

and “Most your friends are in the Theater” when you join the Plaza.


Um yes… please

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A bit of this is now in