More Default Playermodels + Playermodel Fixes

I’m in the minority of the people here who probably disable workshop playermodels, I find the stuttering/lag of Steam downloading them in the background of the game pretty unbearable in high playercount servers.

When you disable these workshop playermodels however, the game suffers aesthetically, almost every player defaults to the female, full white playermodel and it looks pretty strange. On top of that, it leaves your customization options quite limited as the default selection is pretty minimal at the moment.

I think it’d be cool to see some more customizable or improved default players, I believe the current human ones were made a long time ago using templates from an old version of Adobe Fuse, I understand modelling humans is pretty much one of the most difficult things to sculpt, but the newer versions of Fuse seem to be a lot more intuitive, maybe something to look into, even for the Tower NPCs?

I had a look on Trello to see if I could find something like this, so apologies if this has been suggested many times before.

i always dispise fuse models, they were acceptable for it‘s time or as placeholders, but as offical playermodels? it doesn‘t scream tower unite at all.

i mean, they were capable of making 2 human models for 2 npcs, the ice cream seller and uncle muscle, which they look pretty fine to me, WAY better and gives tower unite more it‘s identity.


Creating character models take about a month or more, from design to creation. We are currently focused on replacing models for the NPCs. With the base of the NPC models, we can plan out the standard character models to replace the fuse models. This comes down to both our budget and our team size. We currently only have one character modeler. Right now they are working on a new Virus infected model. Fuse models should be replaced.


Just yes
Sometimes I feel afraid like workshop models might’ve pushed implementing wider in-game customization for later, while I do like it and want it to be worked on. Having option to create and use workshop models is nice, but being able to set-up your character from variety of in-game tools often feels more satisfying and interesting,
I’ll be really excited to look at the new in-game character editor when it comes out!