More Condo Settings (and Barriers that apply settings)

Since the Summer Update is being developed and already has some condo settings on it, I was thinking we could use some more of them?
Disable Jetpack
Disable Speedshoes
Disable Potions (maybe specific potion toggles?)
Disable Flashlight

And while these seem like fun killers, It’s up to the condo owner whether or not they use these but I’m definitely sure people would make great use with this.

The next thing I have to say is possibly Barriers that when touched apply these settings to players?
So you could have a theatre entrance with a disable flashlight barrier and possibly a disable jetpack effect on it as well. I think this has a lot of practical uses for condo games or just making nicer condo areas.

Course I think it should be said that the user settings should reset to whatever the host has them set to apon death. Avoiding people going into one room to enable their jetpack and then resetting to be able to use it anywhere.

This is a tentative list and definitely can change, but for Community Condos, I’ve defined these bitflags that you can set per player.

In the UI they’ll all be in separate categories.


oh wow that’s a lot i forgot. So will these be toggleable on specific players? or is most of this for community condos? because I think having this in just regular condos with the ability to define specific permissions groups for users would be pretty cool

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Community Condos is just a name of the update (and that you can host dedicated Condos with shared items). This will be a feature for all Condos.

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“allowareacreation”? Now that sounds interesting.

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Doubled this. There’s nothing more irritating then somebody using a tiny potion to slip through a tiny crack in one of the obviously blocked off areas then mouthing off their dissapointment when nothing’s behind it. No shit nothing’s behind it, you’re not supposed to go there in the first place.