Moon Theater

I was on GMT not too long ago, and another player and I got into a discussion about TU. I was clearing up some misinformation when he asked me a question i actually didn’t have the answer to: Is the Moon Theater coming back?

For those of you who may not know (yeah, right), there was a secret movie theater easter egg in Lobby One where you could watch videos, well, on the moon. Will it be making a reappearance in TU?

I remember this question being asked before, but alas, I don’t remember what the response was.

I’m not sure how good Discourse’s search is, but I couldn’t find anything re: this question. Someone suggested it being a random event easter egg in the plaza, but I’m talking about as a static area that anyone could access with know-how, a la Lobby One.

I can’t see the moon theater making a return. If it did, it would look super duper cool in UE4.

There’s always workshop

i feel like it would be better if there was a brand new secret theater
yes ik the moon theater is cool but its a new game so i think maybe having it in a volcano or on mars or underwater would be cool! maybe in the sky

All of these should be new theaters.
(what a bump)